Thailand elite Special privileges for members

Change your life in Thailand
to be special as well as special privileges only for Thailand Elite.

Length of stay in Thailand 5-20 years

Being a member of Thailand Elite receives a long-term visa to stay in Thailand. The length of time that you can live depends on the type you choose. The shortest period is 5 years and the longest period is 20 years, giving you a long-term experience of living in Thailand. And in addition, you also receive a Multiple Re-entry, allowing you to travel in and out of Thailand an unlimited number of times while the visa is not expired.

VIP privileges at the airport

You can pick up the shuttle service of Thailand Elite staff at the airport. After you arrive at the airport The staff will take care of all. There is also a special channel for visas for traveling in and out of the country quickly, and there is also a special lounge available exclusively.

Service notifying in the Kingdom for more than 90 days

No matter what type of visa ,it is necessary to notify in the Kingdom of more than 90 days, which is usually required to submit documents for reporting at the Immigration Office. But if you are a member of Thailand Elite, the official will submit those documents on your behalf. simplify helping to live in Thailand more comfortable.

Other privileges

There are also various privileges. Many more for Thailand Elite members from medical support services, opening a deposit account , including golf, spa services to make everyday life and living in Thailand comfortable . Which can use various services according to the type of membership.

Thailand telephone number 089-449-8270 094-993-3883

Japan telephone number 050-6860-7856

Business Hours
8:30-17:30 (Thailand time・ Available every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) ※Having staff provide information in Japanese, Thai, and English