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About Visa

Details of the service rate for each type of visa can be found on the [Service rate] page.

A final graduation certificate and certificate of employment in English are required.

A visa received from a Thai embassy or Consulate in Japan is valid for 90 days, and if no entry into Thailand during that time, ฺBe considered that the visa has expired.
But the end-of-life visa (Non-O-A) is valid for 1 year and It's a Re-entry visa with no limit.
Various expenses at the Thai embassy or consulate in Japan, If it is a business and working visa (Non-B) or a visa for wife and child (Non-O) that is a one-time re-entry. Expenses are about 9,000 yen, while an end-of-life (Non-O-A) visa costs about 22,000 yen.

In case of applying for a business and working visa (Non-B) from a Thai embassy or consulate abroad, A work permit must apply for within 15 days of entering Thailand. In case of submitting documents to the Bangkok Employment Office, It will take about 3 days to get a permit.

A visa received from an embassy or consulate is valid for 90 days, and it is necessary to enter Thailand within that period.
In case of a visa extension in Thailand, the visa will be valid for 1 year but may be reduced depending on the type of visa or the order of the Immigration Officer.
Caution, the duration of the visa is not the period of permission to stay in Thailand.

If only have a business and working visa, you will not be able to work. Must apply for a Work permit, which if don't have a work permit considered to be violating labor laws. And has severe penalties.

Visa can apply at the embassy and consulate abroad. And if entering Thailand with No Visa, you can extend a different type of visa at the Immigration Office. (Except for some types of visas)

About living in Thailand

The Thai embassy is in Shinagawa, Tokyo. And in Osaka, there is a Thai consulate.

According to travel law, Japanese people are obliged to submit a notification of their stay abroad to the Embassy of Japan in Thailand.
Requesting a document certifying residence outside Japan or documents for applying for a driving license is required to submit that documents.

About Marriage-Divorce

Documents issued by the government, Such as Family registration, House registration, Certificate of employment, Income certificate, and Tax payment.
In some cases, working in a private company may require certification from a government office or legal certification.

Document showing single status and having qualifications to be able to register for marriage.
The embassy in Japan will issue the document.

What are the advantages of applying for a Thai husband-wife (Non-O) visa? And pay fewer taxes than applying for a business and working visa (Non-B), Aren't they?

There is no need to change the visa type. Or if wanting to change, it can be done as needed.

Registering a marriage between a Thai and a foreigner, there are many agencies that need to be contacted. Please refer to the [Marriage] page for details.

We have document translation services. And in addition to the translation of documents, the documents used to register the marriage must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. We also complete the process.

In case both husband and wife agree to register a divorce, start by talking and having a lawyer join in determining the property, including children's custody.
It is necessary to register the divorce at the district office. Please contact us to explain the details of the divorce registration.

About an inheritance

We recommend that you should consult with a lawyer to appoint an executor. Please consult with us.

First of all, please come and discuss this at our company. And we will make a family tree document to inherit according to the law, including handling various matters in court to obtain an inheritance.

According to Japanese law. Even if the spouse is a foreigner, the inheritance pension can be received instead. Moreover, also able to apply for a pension that has not been received too. Please consult with our company.

In the case of a spouse, who is Thai. And be insured by Social Security will obtain funeral expenses. In addition, will obtain a pension according to the conditions of Social Security. Please consult with our company.

About a lawyer

Our company has lawyers who have expertise in many areas such as International inheritance management, Working with inheritance management in court, Notary public document certification, Marriage registration, Divorce, Child custody management, Civil cases, Criminal cases, General cases, Tax law, Bankruptcy law, Corporate law, Intellectual property rights, etc.

You can select the company's lawyer from the "List of Lawyers" page, but it may require an appointment to match the lawyer's schedule.

It's able to be. Depending on the details. You can contact us to consult with our company first.

It is necessary to consult with a lawyer first. After asking for details, then We can give you an answer.

Contact via email ⇒ 24 hours.
Contact by phone
⇒ Please contact during business hours Monday-Friday (8:30-17:30)

In case of prefer to consult with a lawyer, please ask us again to check the lawyer's convenient time.

We insist on keeping customer confidentiality. You can consult with us without worry.

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