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This website is operated under the supervision of Longstay Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) with the following policies. And the website users has accepted the terms of use.

1. Terms of use for the website

Users must provide, for example, communication cables, devices, and internet using contracts, that are necessary for using the website. In addition, other expenses incurred using the website, such as signal fees, telephone charges, and signal contact fees, the user must be responsible for all.

2. Disclaimer

The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by content or other information. Both directly and indirectly from the use of this website or other websites appearing on this website.

3. Using of personal information

Users agree to accept the Company's privacy policy, which the Company can use such personal information with the "Privacy Policy" that appears on the Privacy Policy page.

4. Copyright

All information and content of this website are controlled and owned by the Company. Whether intellectual property rights, copyright, the right to take portraits, and other rights.
Users of this website may use it for personal and non-commercial purposes only. In addition, if made to documentary media electronic media, reuse, distribute by using the information of this website, and cause damage to the rights of the Company. According to copyright law, whether the part without the consent of the Company before in writing. The Company has the right to claim to stop the action and has the right to claim damages incurred. In this case, will considered by the copyright laws of Thailand.

5. Terms of using link

Installation of a link to this website does not require registration or consent. By the way, please link to this website. https://longstayconsulting.co.th/
Please show with URL or Longstay Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or LONGSTAY CONSULTING.
In addition, the displayed content may be partly due to the size of the frame can cause users to receive misinformation.
Furthermore, the company refuses to link to various websites with this website according to the following details terms of using the link.

(1) The website that caused the damage or may cause damage to other users or third parties, other companies, other juristic persons, website author's rights, personal rights, intellectual property rights, and rights protected by other laws.

(2) The website that disgrace or maybe causing a reputation disgrace, defamation of other users, third parties, other companies, other juristic persons, and including losing credibility.

(3) The website that caused the damage or may cause damage and not cause profit or damages by other users, third parties, other companies, or other juristic persons.

(4) The website that sells contents of this website to earn, such as websites operating for commercial purposes or seeking to profit from the links of this website.

(5) The website is against the good morals of the people, violates the law, or may cause such a case.

(6) The websites contain content only for adults.

(7) The website that the company determines that it is inappropriate to have a link to this website.

6. Change or modify the terms of use

The company can change or modify the terms of use of this website. Without the user's consent and agreement.

7. Changing or suspending the use of this website

The company can change or withdraw all content, information, or names contained in this website without prior notice.
There may be cases where content, information, or titles do not match the current condition due to changing circumstances.
In addition, all URLs of this website. There may be changes without prior notice, which the company is not responsible for problems arising from disruptions.

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