Work in thailand B Visa (Business)

This purpose of visa is to work in Thailand
You can apply for visa before or after arriving in Thailand

The purpose of Non Immigrant-B (Business visa) is visa for working in Thailand. The expiration date is 90 days, and then you can apply for a one-year residence permit by completing the procedure at the Immigration Bureau in Thailand. If you wish to continue your stay, we will renew your visa any time. Please note that you will need to obtain a work permit separately in order to work in Thailand

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For new visa

Before entering Thailand, apply for visa Thai embassy and consular outside Thailand. including Japan. Please check the required documents in advance which vary depending on the location of embassy or consular where you apply. Please contact us for further details.

Change from no visa or tourist

You can change from the no visa or tourist visa to the non immigrant-B if you have at least 15 days left to stay. The application will be submitted to Immigration Bureau. Visa is valid for 90 days.

Visa extension

You can proceed the visa extension at Immigration Bureau. The visa is valid for one year after visa extension.

Consultation process

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Please contact us by questionnaire form on the website or by phone

Preparation of necessary documents

There are documents to be prepared by your company and the applicant. Please contact us as we may be able to support you.

Submission of documents

For new apply, you will apply for visa at Thai embassy or consular of your country and can extend the visa at Immigration Bureau. Moreover you must have work permit for working in Thailand legally.

In case there are some staffs less than 4 per 1 foreigner or non-existent company, we are unable to accept any requests.

New visa application or 1 year visa extension 13,000 baht
Changing the Visa Type to a Business and Work Visa (Non-B)※
15,000 baht
New visa application or 1 year visa extension (such as teachers, government officials, foundations) 15,000 baht

The above service fee does not include 7% Vat.

Service fees in the table below do not include VAT and government fees.

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