Live in thailand Marriage registration

Marriage registration of a Thai person and a foreigner
is more complicated than marriage of the same nationality.

Same-national marriages can only be submitted to the district office but foreign marriages are more complicated and require more documents which in the case of Thai and Japanese nationality, It is necessary to register marriage in both countries. It depends on where you registered first. Submitting documents will be different. We are here to help you to get a smooth start in your marriage.

About marriage

Marriageable age

Japanese : Male 18 years old, Female 16 years old
Thai : Male and Female 17 years old (In some cases, the court agrees)

In case of underage person

Japanese : Parental consent is required
Thai : Parental consent is required

Post-divorce remarriage prohibition period

Japanese(Female) : within 100 days
Thai(Female) : within 310 days (In some cases, the court agrees)


Since in the past, there were foreigners who were repatriated due to such live illegally ,Illegal immigration, crime, etc. and are prohibited from entering Japan for 5-10 years (especially illegal marriage). In addition, if you have a history of arrest for drugs or prostitution, you will not be able to enter Japan.
From 1 April 2022 onwards Japanese men and women aged 18 and over will be able to marry. At the same time, the age of majority is reduced to 18 years and does not require parental consent for marriage registration.

In case of marriage registration in Japan
before marriage registration in Thailand


General documents of Thai

Registered applicant

Related person or representative 1 person.

Registration process and location

Marriage registration is proceeded at the district office in Japan(Thai embassy in Japan does not accept the process). After that, proceed to register the marriage in Thailand.

In case of marriage registration in Thailand
before marriage registration in Japan


General documents of Japanese

Registered applicant

Those involved in both parties must submit the application in person at the district office in Thailand.

Registration process and location

Processing marriage registration in Thailand .After that, proceed to register the marriage at the district office in Japan or the Thai embassy in Japan.

Consultation process
(In case of applying for marriage registration in Thailand)

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Submit the documents at the district office in Thailand

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Marriage registration is complete

Get a marriage certificate.

Marriage Registration in Japan Estimate as each case
Marriage Registration in Thailand※ 25,000 baht

The fee for certification of translations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand is 5000 baht per copy.

Service fees in the table below do not include VAT and government fees.

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