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Privacy Policy

LONGSTAY CONSULTING(THAILAND)CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) promises that the Company set a privacy policy and comply with such policies. And pays strict attention to the personal information of both employees, related persons, and the Company partners. To reflect the objectives of the company that has credibility and respect for customers, business partners, shareholders, and communities who are allies of the company.

● Compliance with regulations and laws

The company will comply with regulations and laws. Including policies set by Thailand or Government agencies regarding the protection of personal data in Thailand.

● Using the advantage of personal information

The company will use the personal information received under the scope purposes below. And in case of use beyond the specified scope must be obtained consent from the owner before.

【Purpose of use】

・ The company uses to contact, consult, notify, and recommend various services, seminars, or training with the referred person.

・ Use in case of offering services when the referred person uses services of the company or uses it for attending seminars or company training.

● Keeping and controlling personal information

The company will strictly control personal information. And will not disclose to third parties about personal information unless receiving their consent. But the company will disclose such personal information upon request from government agencies or ministries. Related to, for example, accidents, natural disasters, or illegal acts.
The Company may provide information such as name, address, age, gender, passport number, and e-mail within the scope of the above topics to the transport agencies, accommodation providers, service providers that organize seminars, training, or related parties. In addition, the Company will set security regulations to prevent improper access, destruction, loss, and alteration of personal information.

● In case personal information is not received

In case the company's services are not received or receive proposals on topics required for training will not receive any services or all or part.

● Requesting to display personal information

The Company will display, amend or stop using the registered personal information if it can verify that the referred person requests it by documents only.

● Controlling personal information

Such a person is the controller of the personal information that the customer has registered.
The responsible person for personal information, is Longstay Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Created on May 9, 2014
Updated on March 13, 2020

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