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Inheritance in Thailand is different from Japan or other countries
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Procedure for opening a bank account for inheritance, change of ownership, real estate assets transfer that needs to be proceeded both in Thailand and Japan, which have different in each country.

Beginning from English to Thai translation of various documents, it is necessary to obtain a certificate at the Japanese embassy and authorize an attorney. In addition, you must be certified as a heritage by Thai court. The decedent must also appear in court with a lawyer and an interpreter.

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Required documents include family tree , Japanese House Registration (Koseki) Revised House Registration (if any) name-surname change document (if any). All documents are copied only.

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Lawyer Compensation basics Start from 100,000 baht
Court fees Actual cost
Consulting service fee※1 Not more than 5 million baht
5 million 10 thousand baht to 10 million baht
10 million 10 thousand baht to 50 million baht
50 million 10 thousand baht or more
Estimate for each case
Travel and accommodation expenses in different areas Actual cost
Interpretation fees in court 15,000 baht
Fee for document certification at the Japanese Embassy Fee for document translation certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand※2 1 Issue (2 Stories)5,000 baht

1 Consulting service fee will be a deposit of 50,000 baht.

2 Certification documents from the Japanese embassy and documents certifying translations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand. There will be some cases where a notarized attorney is required.

This service rate does not include VAT.

In some cases, there will be a fee that must be paid to the government office.

Service fees in the table below do not include VAT and government fees.

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