Legal advice in thailand Notarization of documents

Legal effect of personal
"certification" to prevent unexpected problems.

The certifying system is done to certify official documents such as contracts, wills, or memorandums that are private documents. (documents made by yourself), etc., with a certified attorney.
The company has staff to support foreign customers which will coordinate with the Company's lawyer (Notary Public) to certify documents with legal effect.

Benefits of Notarization

To make a contract or documents as evidence and clearly written can be used for negotiating or as a document to use in court if problems or disputes arise later.
In addition, the certifying of wills to prevent future disputes is a common occurrence in Thailand. In some cases, the legalization of the document can be used as a document for determining the trustee in court, which is equivalent to the certification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.
If you wish to certify documents to prevent future problems ,please contact the company's staff. We are ready to recommend services about legal document certification of all kinds.

Consultation example

Wills, inheritances, contracts ,and memorandums regarding tuition and child support.

Customer's personal information We will keep it a secret.

Notarization service
(Notary Public)
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