Live in thailand Longstay

Assistance in the end of life in Thailand (long stay) from preparation
until submission of documents to travel to Thailand to live.

Thailand is a country with charm such as culture, rich nature. The warm weather, cheerful people, etc. which make it very popular for foreigners to come to Thailand. Especially the capital city like Bangkok which is equipped with utilities , complete transportation causing the Japanese people to choose to live in large numbers. It is known as the livable capital for Japanese people.

For anyone who is interested in moving to live in Thailand, you can consult with our company both about visa application or about moving to Thailand. Our company is ready to help everyone.

Visa for longstay

Must apply for a type of visa NON-IMMIGRANT O-A (Long stay visa, O-A visa) or visa NON-IMMIGRANT, Longstay visa, O visa). In the case of applying for a NON-IMMIGRANT O-A visa has a complex process. It takes a long time and cumbersome to prepare documents such as criminal record certificate educational record certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. Therefore, our company recommends that you come to Thailand with a tourist visa or by No-visa first. Then submit the document to change the visa to NON-IMMIGRANT OA type at the Thai Immigration Division. In the case of changing visas or applying for a visa in Thailand, visa applicants must be over 50 years of age. And have a deposit in the account of 800,000 baht or more and must have a pension income of 800,000 baht or more per year to be able to apply for a visa.

Consultation process

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Prepare to apply for a visa

Our company will assist you in the preparation of documents, open a bank account, make insurance, etc.

Apply for a visa at the Immigration Office.

Visa applicants must present themselves. Our company staff will go with you as well.

Got the visa

Able to start living in Thailand.

Longstay consulting services※
6 months18,000 baht
Longstay consulting services 1 hour3,500 baht
Longstay consulting services 1day 12,000 baht
Company bank account service 1 account7,000 baht
Personal bank account 1 account7,000 baht
Non-O visa(retirement) new apply or 1year extension 8,000 baht
Change visa to Non-O(retirement) type 15,000 baht

Longstay consulting service is a 6 months contracts

Service fees in the table below do not include VAT and government fees.

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